Search for patents, industrial designs and trademarks on the WIPO Publish Tool

Ngày cập nhật: 19/09/2022 lúc 10:18:16

Currently, IP Vietnam has transferred the Industrial Property (IP) application management system to the new system with which the IPLIB Digital Library is incompatible, leading to difficulties in updating data.

To improve the service and better serve the exploitation of IP information, IP Vietnam has stopped operating the IPLIB Digital Library and switched to exploiting the WIPOPUBLISH tool at “

Therefore, IP Vietnam has announced the cessation of operation of the IPLIB Digital Library from September 1, 2022.

By “Digital Library of Industrial Property” on the WIPO Publish platform, users can search for complete information about IP objects published with the frequency of information updating according to the publication schedule of one time each month. In particular, users can completely personalize the search fields according to their needs to better serve their own research needs.

The system interface has two search modes (“basic search” and “advanced search”) for the user’s selection, with different search fields depending on user needs. “Digital library of industrial property” will allow users to search for information about IP objects more quickly and easily, including:

  1. Invention/utility solution
  2. Industrial design
  3. Trademark