General Guide to I.P protection in Vietnam

Guide to Intelectual Property Protection in Vietnam

1. Overview

  • International Conventions and Treaties
  • Current Legislation on Intellectual Property
  • Administration and management of Intellectual Property System
  • System for ensuring Industrial Property Rights Enforcement

2. Patent

  • Patent for Invention
  • Patent for Utility Solution
  • Patent for Industrial Design
  • Right of the creator of Invention, Utility Solution, Industrial Design
  • Exclusions from Patentability
  • "first to file" principle

3. Trademark

  • Definition
  • "first to file" principle
  • Well-known Trademark

4. Geographical Indication

  • Definition

5. Right of the owner of the IP protection titles

6. Application handling procedures

  • Applications for protection titles
  • Filing the applications for protection titles
  • Formality examination
  • Substantive examination
  • Grant of Protection titles
  • Publication of industrial property right information

7. Appeals concerning granted Titles