Foreign Direct Investment

We are one of Vietnam’s leading legal service providers in the field of investment law. We assist domestic and foreign clients in execution of their investment projects, both in Vietnam and overseas. Particularly, we specialize in the following legal services:

  • Advising on and assisting investors in negotiating, drafting, and signing joint-venture contracts, business co-operation contracts, and other investment-related agreements in Vietnam.
  • Advising on appropriate solutions to investment projects, recommending appropriate adjustments to investment projects in order to obtain approvals/licenses from concerned authorities; advising on forms of investment in Vietnam such as joint-venture, 100% foreign-owned enterprise, and business co-operation contract.
  • Advising on and assisting investors in drafting, preparing, and finalizing applications for investment certificates; acting as an authorized representative of  investors to carry out and fulfill all investment registration/evaluation procedures as well as post-registration/evaluation procedures at concerned authorities.
  • Providing domestic clients with advice on and assistance in carrying out and fulfilling all procedures for overseas investments as required by Vietnamese law and the law of the countries where the overseas investments are implemented.