Memorandum of Cooperation between the NOIP and the JPO signed

Ngày cập nhật: 10/01/2019 lúc 2:09:38

The Memorandum of Cooperation (MOC) between the National Office of Intellectual Property of Viet Nam (NOIP) and the Japan Patent Office (JPO) was concluded on 13 February 2012, under which, the JPO assists NOIP to improve the effectiveness of the Vietnamese intellectual property system, thus facilitating trade and investment between Vietnam and Japan.

Cooperative activities within the framework of the MOC focus on the following areas, namely: (i) consolidating IP policies, (ii) supporting the examination process, (iii) strengthening the automation of IP administration system, (iv) enhancing public awareness of IP and (v) training human resources. The areas of cooperation are considerably comprehensive, being established upon NOIP’s practical needs and JPO’s strength.

Japan is one of top foreign direct investors to Viet Nam. By May 2011, the number of direct investment projects in force from Japan to Viet Nam stands at 1,532, with total registered capital of USD 21.2 billion, ranked the 4th out of 92 nations and territories which are operating investment projects in Viet Nam. The JPO is also among the most modern national intellectual property offices in the world. The protection and exploitation of IP are being implemented effectively in Japan. Therefore, the conclusion of bilateral MOC between NOIP and JPO shows a positive signal and brings about essential impacts on the development of the IP system of Viet Nam in particular and trade and investment between the two countries in general.

In the field of intellectual property, on the first days of the establishment and development of the national IP system, Viet Nam received valuable support by the Japanese Government in constructing an automation system for IP administration, utilizing IP information and training human resources, which are key elements for the development of the IP system of each country. The signing of the MOC between the two Offices makes a new progress in the cooperative relation between the two countries in this area.