Minutes of Meetings on Cooperation for Project on Strengthening the Enforcement of IPRs in Vietnam

Ngày cập nhật: 10/01/2019 lúc 2:09:38

The Director General of the National Office of Intellectual Property of Viet Nam and the Head of the Japanese Detailed Planning Survey Team signed the Minutes of Meetings (M/M) on Japanese Technical Cooperation for Project on Strengthening the Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights in Viet Nam on 13 March 2012 in Ha Noi. This is resulted from discussions from 27/2 – 13/3/2012 of the Team with related authorities of the Vietnamese Government to make survey on the IPRs enforcement situation in Viet Nam and discuss proposals and recommendations for its improvement.

Signing ceremony of the Minutes of Meetings between NOIP and Japanese Detailed Planning Survey TeamActivities to be implemented within the framework of the Project will focus on the following areas: – Improving capacity of the NOIP and related IPRs enforcement agencies of the Vietnamese Government; – Strengthening NOIP’s collaboration/linkage among IPRs related authorities, including information gathering and providing system of NOIP from/to IPRs related authorities.; – Enhancing the public awareness of IPRs. This is the third non-refundable project in the field of intellectual property rendered to Viet Nam by the Japanese Government. Whereas the Projects on “Modernization of Industrial property administration” and “Utilization of Intellectual Property Information in Viet Nam” focused on acquisition of rights, the Project on “Strengthening the enforcement of IPRs in Viet Nam” would support IPRs enforcement – the area that needs being further consolidated in the coming time.

After signing the Minutes of Meetings, the two sides will continue discussions to finalize and officially sign the Record of Discussion at its earliest convenience./.

Source: noip