.vn domain names to be transferrable

Ngày cập nhật: 10/01/2019 lúc 2:09:24

IP_NewsDomain names are natural resources so speculation is banned. However, the state will allow the transfer of .vn domain name under certain conditions, said Deputy Minister of Post and Telematics Le Nam Thang.

Hundreds of companies may have to re-buy their names

Mr Thang said that it was not compulsory for domain names to be linked with certain entities.

“For example, if the domain name is nhandan it is not obligatory that the site post the contents of the Nhan Dan (People) Newspaper. The compatibility between the domain name and the contents is abstract so it is not a standard to check websites with controversial domain names,” Mr Thang said.

“Only the current regulations of the Vietnam Internet Centre are used to determine whether a domain name is controversial or not. After 60 days of registration, the centre will check whether the registered domain name has been activated or not. In addition, relevant bodies will see whether the content of that website is suitable to Vietnam’s habits and customs or if it violates Vietnamese laws. The site must be alive in the way that it must be updated, not having ‘dead’ information to keep the website for speculation,” the Deputy Minister added.

He also confirmed that it was wrong to think that the trademarks of products and services in real life and on the Internet must be related to each other because the international regulations on intellectual property don’t cover domain names. Vietnam’s Law on Intellectual Property also doesn’t protect domain names.

“Trademarks in real life and on the Internet have some relations, but it doesn’t mean that they must go with each other. That’s the practice in the world now. We are integrating into the world economy so we can’t be outside this rule,” he emphasised.